GroundBridge event sponsorship gets your company logo in front of a diverse group of local professionals. After a difficult few years with the pandemic, we’re starting to make plans for live events again that we can roll out as soon as things are safe. During this planning process, we’re actively looking for new sponsors in the Athens area! This exposure includes being listed on heavily-promoted event pages, to email blasts that reach over 1,300 individuals, to hundreds of physical invites that are hand-delivered around town, to a prominent Sponsorship poster at the event itself!

Beyond just logo impressions, GroundBridge is about real-life impressions, and the perception of your brand in the community. We encourage sponsors to treat our events as their own, by inviting customers, bringing out friends and family, and generally showcasing the positive role their brands play in the community in the way that is most compelling, authentic, and enduring: through real human connections.

Our current sponsorship levels for this market are described below. Please note that we are constantly working to improve the value of our sponsorships, and as such the specific offerings and pricing for each level in each region is subject to change at any time. If you return this application, we will lock in your sponsorship rate.

Madison – $200

  • SMALL Logo Placement on Sponsor Sign @ Venue.
  • Indefinite Logo Listing on Heavily-Promoted Event Page.
  • Basic Business Profile Page with SEO-Friendly Content.

Brooklyn – $500

  • MEDIUM Logo Placement on Sponsor Sign @ Venue.
  • Specific Thank-You Mentions on our Social Media Profiles.
  • Logo in Day-of Event Email Blast.

Golden Gate – $1,750

  • LARGE Logo Placement on Sponsor Sign @ Venue.
  • Indefinite Listing on Sponsored Event Media Pages.
  • Logo in Wrap-Up Event Video.
  • Logo Printed on Physical Invites.
  • Lock Out New Competitor Sponsors for Event.

Pricing is subject to change, so contact us today to lock in current rates! The above table was last updated on August 25, 2021.

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Spaces for some levels are limited, and we reserve the right to restrict sponsorship sales for any reason.

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