jordan blyden athens gaJordan Blyden is a self-styled, Caribbean-born photographer with long roots in Athens. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Jordan spent years honing his talent and giving away his work for the joy of it.

His business, Aura Exposures, documents people, spaces, and events of all types, with a portfolio of work ranging from commercial interiors photography to wedding portraiture.

Shooting by Day, Editing by Night

Jordan’s work day starts at nine, like many, but he clocks out closer to sunrise than sunset. He gives each of his projects equal time, so jobs that most photographers consider a snap enjoy Jordan’s full attention. He prefers to have many projects on the table at one time, facilitating a cyclical approach to production, with enough day-to-day variety to keep most people on their toes.

Despite his proficiency in Photoshop and Lightroom, Jordan continually trains to master raw shots and light manipulation, cutting down on extended editing hours and passing that value on to his clients. Like many entrepreneurs, Jordan works at offering packages that cater to the average person as well as his higher end clientele, all while supplying the proper tools and maintaining his high standards of quality.

Creating Art Out of the Ordinary

Jordan seeks to make art out of each session by staying creative, but his favorite type of work is family-oriented. Family gatherings are integral to his memories of childhood, a time influenced by classical music festivals and concerts at the Classic Center.

Jordan understands the heart that goes into family events, and he identifies with the urgency to document the more poignant and ephemeral moments in his clients’ lives. By adding to his clients’ positive experiences, Jordan is able to build meaningful relationships and recognition for his service, communicated in his presence and his final product.

Networking for Knowledge

Jordan considers networking a different—much fuzzier—animal than do most. He invests in the fast-fading custom of conversation, and because his work serves as his eminent motivator, Jordan fluidly coheres personal endeavors and relationships with his business.

Jordan believes that a conversation should go beyond pleasantries and news of mutual acquaintances. Jordan asks “what’s new” and truly wants to know—it’s his way of inviting people to share what’s foremost on their minds. Practicing and encouraging candor teaches Jordan a lot about disparate views, unfamiliar art, and foreign experiences. Because his business is a pivotal part of his life, Jordan doesn’t hesitate to talk about his work, but he doesn’t draw his interactions along a sales pitch.

The more we share our knowledge and experience the better we’ll all be. Stay curious. Stay creative. Don’t be afraid to break convention.

Jordan uses his openness to get a better view of those around him and serves accordingly, whether by stuffing envelopes at the American Cancer Society or building much-needed playgrounds outside downtown Athens. To Jordan, creating new relationships and helping people often means just showing up.