BoxKite is a textile producer of custom, high-quality fabrics and wallpapers that are all made in the USA.

BoxKite specializes in featuring elegant designs and patterns that are fully customizable to suit the individual customer’s needs.

With BoxKite, it’s now possible to tailor industry-leading designs and textiles with the exact color layers you want to create beautiful palettes and one-in-kind looks. If someone asks if the blue in your wallpaper is the exact same as the blue picked up in your couch you can say, “Why, yes! Thanks for noticing.”

Plus, with on-demand printing, there’s no such thing as running out of stock of your favorite prints, so BoxKite scales up and down with what customers need.

Learn more about BoxKite’s intuitive and fun design process on their site, and let them know if you’re interested in potentially becoming a featured template designer to rock your own personal brand.