SoundBoard After-Party

We’re back, and this time we’ve got all kinds of special. Many people have been wanting more from Network Athens, so we’re happy to announce that our team at Perfect Pitch Concepts is now putting on a full-fledged online marketing conference earlier in the day! Be sure to visit our dedicated SoundBoard event page to learn more.

The after-party for our conference is basically our biggest and best Network Athens ever. We’ll be having a private party at Athens’ all-new Creature Comforts Brewery, located conveniently downtown. If you’d like to drink some of their amazing new beers, you’ll be able to buy a glass for $10, which is $2 off their normal tour price!

Be sure to register today, and don’t forget to check out the sweet stuff we’ve got in store over at SoundBoard.

* NetworkAthens is now GroundBridge!

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