Introducing GroundBridge

Since 2008, our team has been hosting networking events at some of the coolest places in Athens, most recently Creature Comforts, the Georgia Museum of Art, and the Georgia Theatre. Most of our parties have had between 300-400 people in attendance, and as you can see from our media gallery, we’ve had a pretty incredible time.

Network Athens is now GroundBridge

Party All the Time

We never get tired of people asking when the next Network Athens event will be. The continued enthusiasm has helped us to realize just how much we love creating these events. The friendships everyone makes are positive for the Athens creative, entrepreneurial, and business community, and honestly, we’ve had a ton of fun bringing people together.

We’re passionate about building a no-pressure environment that encourages new connections, and that’s why we’ve decided to focus on what has—until now—just been an awesome side project.

You’ll be seeing more parties. Expect events in Athens at least twice a year. We’re also branching out to other cities, starting in Charlotte and Chattanooga. You can choose to build relationships within our community, or start easily reaching out to folks in neighboring cities.

Network Athens is Now GroundBridge

Our commitment to ramping up these events involves a re-brand. Throwing Network Athens parties in other cities would get confusing, but more than that, we want to build a brand that connects with our vision for why these parties are so successful. That vision is all about offline networking, and making opportunities for people to connect in fun and meaningful ways.

We’ve created the GroundBridge brand because we believe it resonates with the spirit of offline connection. We want to serve as a bridge to “real” life in a world where everyone seems to increasingly rely on cloud-powered networking. That misses the personal touch that separates good networking from great.

We are beyond excited about building more bridges with you! To join us in this endeavor, please sign up for our events newsletter by registering with our site, and encourage your friends to do the same! You can find a button to do this in the footer of every page on our site.

We’re glad you’re here, and we can’t wait to see you again!

Posted by GroundBridge Team

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